Boom in electric scooters leads to more injuries, fatalities


The electric scooters are the new trends covering the whole world. Many countries have allowed its use while many are still not accepting it as they are considering it as a problematic thing. One can use electric scooters on the road, pathway, and sidewalks. Many people complain about it that they have to face a problem when someone drives their electric scooters on the sidewalks. Countries and states which are crowded are not interested to allow their citizens to use electric scooters.

Why is it so

As people can drive it anywhere it has become a serious problem because it can be problematic to pedestrians. There are many cases of accidents are coming from many cities. It is increasing day by day. Stand up scooters are also a death bringer for people as accident cases leave the rider in the emergency room with some serious injuries. It is in use in more than 100 countries worldwide. The number of riders will increase in the coming summer and the cases of accidents will also increase.

There are some security concerns which should be taken by the riders as well as by pedestrians but the problem is that who wants to follow them. Riders enjoy the electric scooters as it’s base size is small as a skateboard. It can go upto 15 miles per hour which is a good speed. They are also cheap and very convenient. It requires 1 dollar to unlock it from the app and then 15 cents per minute to ride. There are multiple electric bikes available in the market and one can buy the best electric bikes in £1000 easily.

When the destination is reached people just leave it there and if one wants to use it then they must unlock it from the app. Many cities are facing the problem as the scooter-sharing companies leave their electric scooters on the sidewalks overnight without any warnings. Many regulations are made against it and it varies state by state. In many places, it is illegal to drive electric scooters on sidewalks and public roads, but people still violate the rules. Fine on violation of the rules is also steep and can go upto 500 dollars in many cities.

Views of scooters manufacturers and renters

Bird, one of the largest scooter-sharing companies of the world, dropped it’s scooters on the streets of California in 2017. As soon as the electric scooters hit the road many people were showing up in the emergency room. The accidents were fatal and in some cases, the rider also died on the spot.

Many people don’t wear helmets while riding electric scooters. Companies are silent about this and all they are looking for is profit and increment in sales. Recently Bird said that putting helmet laws on a rider will leave fewer riders on the roads. The company also argued that there should be more rider as then this will force the rider to pay attention to them.

“There’s safety in numbers effect, where the motorists know that there are people out on the street, so they act accordingly,” said Paul Steely White, director of safety policy and advocacy for Bird.

Steps were taken by the manufacturers to reduce the number of accidents

Birds and Lime, both are the big name in scooter-sharing companies around the world. Both are taking steps to make their scooters safer. It had been noticed that the scooter-related fatalities increase often after midnight when riders may be drunk. That’s why late-night renting is not available by the Lime and Bird ceased operations after midnight. This is in operation in many cities while there cities where one can also ride electric scooters even after midnight.

“The reality is, cars continue to kill more people annually than any other mode of transportation,” Lime said in a statement. “We must address this issue together with cities, get people out of their vehicles, and build cities that put people first, with smarter infrastructure to protect riders.”

Lime has also been updating its bicycle design and its braking system as well as the tires. Bird has updated its breaking system giving broader tires for their electric scooters and a great suspension as well.

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