Do Law Schools Limit Black Enrollment With LSAT?

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With the increasing demand for Law enrollments, the number of Law Schools are also increasing. The Law schools have started taking high LSAT scorer to be published in the list of top Law schools.

But a recent research has proved that there seem to be a little colour discrimination in the admission to these schools. It has been seen that Black students are admitted less into Law schools as compared to white students. It has been a serious concern for black people who study hard and want to go to good Law schools and take their career to a new height.

In a report published Aaron N Taylor, it was found that LSAT examination is limiting the black student’s enrollments and giving a lot of extra benefits to the white students. Aaron is executive director of the AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence and he takes care of the diversity in the legal studies. His researched paper was published in Florida International University Law Review.

Let’s see what was found in his study?

•It was found that in the year 2016-17 admission, among 1960 black applicants only 1000 got offered to the admission whereas among 1200 white applicants 1000 got offer letter.

•The average score got by white and Asian students were 153 whereas the average score by black students were 142.

•Around 49% of the total black students who applied for admission were rejected by all Law schools.

•Black applicants who got admission were less likely to be provided with non-need based aid.

•Black students who got LSAT score between 135-149, 55% of them got no admission letter from Law schools whereas it was only 39% for white applicants.

The research raised a lot of questions on the Value of the LSAT that Law schools are giving. The sponsors of the LSAT examinations told that it is just a way to measure or predict the success of the students in first year. But the success of students in first year do not determine the success in their career as there are other years to pass through. As it was also found by Taylor’s study that only 13 percent of these students pass the Bar Association exams.

According to Melissa Harris Thirsk, vice president and chief marketing officer of the Law School Admissions Council, the council gives a lot of support to minority and potential students and even provide free LSAT Prep Books to them. Thrisk said that low admission of black applicants to Law schools does not mean any discriminating them. There are several other factors which are responsible for that and it is really very important to understand those factors rather than raising questions on LSAT.

The factors that are even found in Taylor’s study are low scores of the African-American students. Even the black applicants are found to submit application for admission late in the cycle of admission. Other factors such as grades and age of the applicants are also responsible for less admission of black students in Law schools.

It was also said by Thrisk that the council do not say Law schools to pay a lot of attention on only LSAT scores. Rather, they say to provide a room for more admissions to Law schools to improve their rankings.

What does a low LSAT score mean?

LSAT means Law School Admission test. So, students sitting for LSAT exams have to pass it to take admission in LAW schools. The LSAT scores also determine the 1st year grade of a student. The average LSAT score is around 150 this year.

What is good LSAT Score for Top Law Schools?

A good LSAT score is the first thing that determines the admission of an applicant to a LAW school. But it does not mean that just with a good score and admission to a LSAT school you can get to practice Law. For practicing Law you need to pass the Bar Association Exams.

Top 10 Law schools taking admission on LSAT scores

Yale Law School
Stanford Law School
Harvard Law School
University of Chicago Law school
Columbia Law school
New York University Law School
University of Pennsylvania Law School
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Law School
University of Virginia Law School
Duke Law School

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